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For even better experience, Nuledo introduced the unique features which turn the Nuledo Cloud chamber into the best tool for education, demonstration and popularisation of particle and nuclear physics in the world.

In Nuledo Cloud Chambers it is possible to observe not only the natural radiation but even to interactively display the particles from artificial radiation sources. Just a single press of a button allows the observer to see the radon decay chain and particles emerging from americium and strontium radioactive element samples.

Special features

Radionuclide interactive system

World-unique system providing fully automatic and interactive observation of artificial radiation sources.

Radon interactive system

Unique automatic system of radioactive gas injection allows unparalleled observations of radon decay.


CloudControl module transforms a Nuledo Cloud Chamber into a fully autonomous device which can be remotely controlled.

The legacy of Nobel prize laureate, Charles Wilson, was newly refined with the latest engineering technologies and fine handcrafting into fully interactive, more advanced, and more personalised apparatus than ever before.

Nuledo Cloud Chambers are unique devices, that can visualise usually invisible particles of ionising radiation, which naturally surround us. In Nuledo Cloud Chambers you can observe particles smaller than individual atoms by a naked eye and explore the microscopic world defying the common sense. Only with Nuledo cloud chambers can secondary school and university students as well as the general public easily learn how the universe works on the microscopic scale.

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